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Jonny D: Thank you so much Paul A for sorting out the main text. I didn't know how you needed to tag it to get a line break without double spacing it.

Jonny D: 02-07-07, I've added all the relevant tropes from the Tropes page. When I have the energy I'll try going through and adding the tropes from other indexes.

Incidentally, is there anywhere that lists every page to make it easier to go through for this kinf of index? I was thinking of doing another index for tropes with names which are puns, if I could see every trope in a single list it would make it much less work.

Mister Six: AWESOME write up. Now on the Made of Win page.

Jonny D: Thanks Mister Six, I only found out about the Made of Win page today while I was indexing AAA, and was so impressed that decided that I would make it my ambition, one day, somehow, to contrive to create something worthy enough to place me in the company of such greatness... so I guess I need a new ambition now.

Wiki: Nice trope, but (Added Alliterative Appeal) forgetting something aren't we?

Jonny D: Good point, thanks Wiki. I'll go add that now. [Edit: no I won't, you've beaten me to it] Although, I feel pretty stupid because I was staring at your message for at least a solid minute trying to figure out what you were on about ^_^;

As a matter of fact, there will be a lot of missing trope names, because apart from Shapeshifter Swan Song, which was what inspired this trope, all the other names are from the Tropes index. But not including this trope in itself was a pretty glaring oversight.

Fortunatly it looks like Wiki Magic is adding a lot of other notable examples. I'm still hoping someone is going to point me in the direction of a single complete index of every trope before I have to bite the bullet and go through each index individually, trying to insert items in alphabetically.

Morgan Wick: Search for a single vowel and nothing more (for example, "a"). Prepare for the avalanche of entries.

Xenothings: Isn't the repetition of vowel sounds assonance, and not alliteration?

Big T: Yes, but that isn't the point. And if repeated vowel sounds are made by the same letter at the beginning of the word, it's still alliteration.

SpiriTsunami: How should we do this? There are a bunch here that don't look like they belong because they have other words that don't start with the same letter. (Tiny words, we'll ignore; for example, I'm fine with Back-to-Back Badasses being in here.) If I'm out of line, restore them.
Does this page merit a quotes section?

Webb: "This is the City. Los Angeles, California. Some people rob for pleasure. Some rob because it's there. You never know. My name's Friday, I'm a cop. I was working the day watch out of Robbery when I got a call from the Acme School Bell Company. There'd been a robbery."

Carson: "There's been a robbery."

Webb: "Yes sir, what was it?"

Carson: "My clappers!"

Webb: "Your clappers?"

Carson: "Yeah, you know, those things inside a bell that makes them clang?"

Webb: "The clangers?"

Carson: "That's right, we call them clappers in the business."

Webb: "A clapper caper."

Carson: "What's that?"

Webb: "Nothing sir. Now, can I have the facts? What kind of clappers were stolen on this caper?"

Carson: "They were copper clappers."

Webb: "And where were they kept?"

Carson: "In the closet."

Webb: "Uh huh. You have any ideas who might have taken the copper clappers from the closet?"

Carson: "Well, just one. I fired a man. He swore he'd get even."

Webb: "What was his name?"

Carson: "Claude Cooper."

Webb: "You think he'd..."

Carson: "That that's right. I think Claude Cooper copped my copper clappers. Kept in a closet."

Webb: "You know where this Claude Cooper is from?"

Carson: "Yeah. Cleveland"

Webb: "That figures. That figures."

Carson: "What makes it worse, they were clean."

Webb: "Clean copper clappers?"

Carson: "That's right."

Webb: "Why do you think Cleveland's Claude Cooper would cop your clean copper clappers kept in your closet?"

Carson: "Only one reason."

Webb: "What's that?"

Carson: "He's a kleptomaniac."

Webb: "Who first discovered the copper clappers were copped?"

Carson: "My cleaning woman, Clara Clifford."

Webb: "That figures. Now let me see if I got the facts straight here. Cleaning woman Clara Clifford discovered your clean copper clappers kept in a closet were copped by Claude Cooper the kleptomaniac from Cleveland. Now, is that about it?"

Carson: "One other thing."

Webb: "What's that?"

Carson: "If I ever catch kleptomaniac Claude Cooper from Cleveland who copped my clean copper clappers kept in the closet..."

Webb: "Yes?"

Carson: "I'll clobber him!"

—From The Tonight Show, Feb 19, 1968