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Gus: I zapped the Whoopi Epiphany reference, because it didn't really apply.

From the article: "Subverted in an Angel episode where Angelus uses an Achilles Heel that Angel dreamed of in a hallucination against the Beast, and is utterly disgusted when it actually works. " How is it a subversion if it worked? This seems more like Lampshade Hanging to me..

Space Ace: You know, these sentences seem rather silly to me:

"Perhaps the most famous Achilles Heel is Superman's weakness to kryptonite."

"The mother of all Achilles Heels is the exhaust port on the Death Star in Star Wars."

I mean, what about, you know, ACHILLES? Not only the trope but the very expression is named after him.

Fast Eddie: Anonymous Person, I made a change to the order of presentation of the examples that may address your concern. The other entries are idiomatic English, which is what we are all about — idioms. By the way, the wiki culture is to propose a change, or perform one, not just complain about the need for one.

Janitor: I now want to have Fast Eddie's babies. Okay, not really. But in an agreeing-with-that sort of way, minus the sex. And the babies.

CM Lo Bue: I don't think Claire's power on Heroes is stopped by a specific spot on her head. I think that, as long as the cause of the injury is present, she can't regenerate the wound (the body doesn't expel the object, it just knits the flesh back up once it's gone).

INH: Yeah, that's definitely part of it, but she still lost her ability to regenerate anything else (the coroner had no problem cutting her up) and died. Early in the second season, Kensei got hit in the chest by a bunch of arrows. They were obviously fatal wounds, and the arrows stayed stuck in him until he pulled them out, but he was still able to come back to life and regenerate everything else. And Peter specifically told Claire to shoot him where the glass had been stuck in order to kill him permanently if he went nuclear.

dancecommander: Regarding the original Achilles' Heel, it all could've been avoided if Thetis had just bothered to flip him around after the first dip.

UT: Or worn gloves.

Shale: Better yet, dip him by his hair. Unless you're Samson, who would even want invincible hair?
Unknown Troper: It would be too polarizing to add a Real Life AC and write, "Sarah Palin's Achilles' Heel is that... she doesn't know what an 'Achilles' Heel' is," right?

Madrugada It would.
Madrugada Would anyone get upset if I deleted the statement that H2O is the second most common molecule in the universe? I couldn't find any verification for it. The closest is an article on that says that it's the third most common molecule in certain areas of space that have been studied, and that 99.% of it is ice and the other 1% is gaseous. So aliens being damaged by liquid water isn't terribly farfetched.
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