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Working Title: Abusive Parents: From YKTTW

The Defenestrator: Could we please not list Truth in Television examples for this kind of trope?

Nyssa23: Seconded. I'm pretty sure everybody either knows someone this applies to or has experienced abusive parenting behavior themselves, so they don't need it spelled out. Plus, some of the examples are more of the Offing the Offspring type.

Mouser: I saw storm clouds gathering in the Real Life section and... overreacted. I don't think it will be missed.
universalperson: I'm tempted to add Gendo Ikari in the *neglect* category, concerning his relationship to Rei...any suggestions?

Robert Bingham: Gendo was an asshole to Shinji as well. I would certainly say he qualifies.
Seiya: Would Coach Oleander from Psychonauts count?

Austin: I removed part of this Supernatural example for several reasons.

"** This troper finds John's fortuitously timely return in Something Wicked extremely suspect. Who leaves his small children alone when hunting a child-killing demon unless you're using them as bait? "

First off, it's fiction. Timely rescues are common, because if an important character dies, there goes the plot. For another, if John had intended to kill the Shtriga by baiting his kids, I imagine he would've gotten there much faster, nor would he have been so pissed at Dean for leaving, since he would've seen him leave and wouldn't have needed to ask what happened.

Orihime: Modified the Ranma example, keeping the basics but toning down the obvious character anti-bias. I don't like several of the charas, either, but this is too much IHMO and a sort-of sympthom of the "poor baby Ranma" syndrome in the fandom.

The Wonder Pigeon: Does the behaviour of the dad in the Bridge to Terabithia film really count as abuse at the end of the day? Sure it's unpleansant, but it's made clear that he does care about his son, and he's a lot nicer to him by the end of the film.

—- What about Prof. Hojo?