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Working Title: What Do You Mean Theyre Not Nazis: From YKTTW

Charred Knight: Since most people seemed to have lost interest in it, I launched it using Zephid's suggested name.

" Ironically, the vampires in Carpe Jugulum are also organized racists ("The trolls are stupid, the dwarfs are devious, the pixies are evil and the gnomes stick in your teeth"), but less military about it. ". It's a little misleading, as the vampires in Carpe Jugulum are not typical Vampires. It's specifically stated somewhere that "[Vampires] didn't think as a species". They lack organisation and nationalism.

Daibhid C: I don't think it's that misleading; Wolf and his followers aren't typical werewolves either. It's not saying Discworld vampires in general are either organised or racist, just that the ones in this book are.

I Blame Communism: I have removed a footnote from the Real life "Germans can't get away with nuffin'" example repeating how the nazis stole symbolism from earlier movements and people. Of course it's true, but its misleading in this conext since the Nazis clearly didn't steal from most of German history. One cannot possibly claim the the gay Frederick the Great or the liberal Luetzow Freikorps "inspired the Nazis" unless one believes the re-interpretations of them popularised by, ironically enough, the Nazis. To do so is to imply exactly what the example is working against: "German history was a long dress-rehearsal for the Hitlerian destiny". It also makes the factual untrue statement that Germans were "used to strong leaders". "Idealised it at a cultural level", sure, but a young Nazi supporter wouldn't remember anyone stronger than gustav Stresemann.
Vampire Buddha: Did some hatcheting (17:03 GMT, 28/5/2009)