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"in addition to a rather rigid interpretation of rules and regulations."

This is true of Miss Minchin in the Alfonso Cuarón film adaptation but none of the others, including the original book. Her only concern is for her money.

Clerval: Changed the below, in reference to Souko No Strain. As I've just remarked on the discussion page of Pollyanna, Sara isn't one. I don't know the anime, so can't compare levels of emotional realism, but I think the implicit slight against the plausibility of Sara's charactersisation unnecessary. Sara's more than a little idealised, as most heroes and heroines, even modern ones, continue to be. She's obviously supposed to be a fairly extraordinary person, with an unusual capacity for endurance and empathy. But such people do exist and I see nothing inherently implausible about trying to hang on to your self-esteem and dignity in the face of disaster, retreating into fantasy when you need to.