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Freezer: Clipped this:

  • Character Derailment: Dwayne Wayne went from being a nerd with a crush on Denise Huxtable, to a super hip and cool teacher other students looked up to within a short period of time. Likewise with Whitley Gilbert, who was the stuck-up, snobbish, rich southern princess, and then turned into a compassionate teacher and love interest of Dwayne. This is likely due to the fact that Lisa Bonet left a huge hole in the show when she left (the show was originally built around her character), so the writers was forced to make Whitley do a arguable unconvincing Heel–Face Turn in a short amount of time.

Both Dwayne and Whitley's transformations took years to come about. And Whitley was switched from Denise's rival to Jaleesa's - a rivalry that lasted until Dawn Lewis left for Hangin' With Mr. Cooper.

This wasn't derailment - it was two characters growing up over years.

Madam Shogun: i think that's a case of Broken Base. so the example needs to be put back at least in reguard to it being a YMMV. as some DO see it as Character Derailment as oppose to Character Development.