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Just wanted to put this outside the embedded YKTTW: One troper predicts that Ten Ten from Naruto will eventually be stuck with one of these.

Haven: I laughed my ass off at that Teen Titans example. Take That!, Superfriends!

From the discussion on you know that thing where I added reality TV here.
SKJAM: Cut...
  • There was an episode on MASH, apparently quite famous (obviously so, as this troper has heard of it even without being a fan of the series) where one of the characters is being shipped home, so the entire episode is about them saying goodbye and leaving on a helicopter. The final scene was shot at the very last minute and kept completely secret. It consisted of the MASH commander reading a communication to everyone that said the helicopter had been shot down. It was a total shock to the entire cast and the grief in that scene was not faked.
...because this is an example of a major character focus episode.
  • Transformers Beast Wars' second season gives Dinobot a major role in two or three episodes leading up to "Code of Hero" where he's seen at his best, and then bites it at the end.
    • Seeing as Season 2 of Beast Wars had 12 episode, those three episodes do form 1/4 of the entire season, so it's not a negligible amount of time.

  • Superboy (Conner Kent) got a Face–Heel Turn, a Heel–Face Turn, and a lot of really depressing backstory in the months leading up to Infinite Crisis, but what makes it count is the Teen Titans annual, wherein he lost his virginity to Wonder Girl as the world was basically falling apart.
...another example of a major character who'd had plenty of development and back story, and indeed was a focus character all the way up to his death. Death by Sex fits, though.
Vulpy: Huh. I guess the viewpoint character always does die in Real Life. Okay, well...I plan to live forever by never telling anyone anything about my past. Take that, narrative causality!