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Meiriona: hah, this book is one of my required books for creative writing, I ought to see if the professor knows anything about T Vtropes, and if not, well, I just may ruin anohter life!
Rissa: I haven't read the book, but is the "emotionally" in the Emotionless Character example a typo?

The Nerdy Ninja: Dang, yes it is. Will change to "emotionless."

Sapphire Again: I liked this book, but isn't discouraging writers from letting any character who is explicitly stated as working in organized religion (minister, church caretaker, etc.) come into contact with children for any reason, because the reader will assume they are a pedophile, giving in to stereotypes on the authors' part? Why would the reader automatically assume that? There's also Fridge Logic here — does this mean baptisms and giving first communion cannot be depicted, for instance? I'm hoping the authors were exaggerating.
  • goodyfun: Everything in that book is exaggerated somewhat. That's what makes it funny. The only thing they give the plain facts in is at the end about publishing.