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Tanto: This entry makes me feel really old.

Outsyder0486: You're telling me. I feel ancient every time I look at anything from the '90s. And I'm not even old enough for the insurance break yet. Double downer.

Andrew Leprich: I still have all 62 books somewhere in my basement. v_v

Kat Kit: These books scared the bejeezus out of me when I read them, although I was something like 5 at the time.

Ununnilium: Same. Heck, I wouldn't even read 'em for a while, despite them being ultrapopular when I was right in the right demographic.

Lale: I loved these books, but I can't remember a single title for adding individual exmaples, unless an item worded like

Ununnilium: Google it?

Also, taking out "* Adaptation Distillation — The tv series shortened the adventures, at most." because Adaptation Distillation is much more than shortening; it's actually making it better.

Lale: I thought Pragmatic Adaptation was significantly changing the derivative from the original but for the better, and Adaptation Distillation was no significant change. What's Pragmatic Adaptation then?

Tanto: Pragmatic Adaptation is when the nature of your medium doesn't support a direct adaptation, so you're forced to change things about the original to make the adaptation coherent. Pretty much any book-to-movie or book-to-TV adaptation will be a Pragmatic Adaptation...

The invisible example is Let's Get Invisible!, by the way.

Lale: Thanks for clearing both of those up!

Cassius335 Am I the only one who hated certain Twist Endings? They always gave me a sense of "Just one more chapter and they can solve that". Particulary "Legend of the Lost Legend"...just burn the smegging thing!

Dioschorium: The Haunted Mask exemplifies the Clingy MacGuffin, since you are curious.

Ozymandias: After a recent MSTing of Goosebumps with some people...I decided to add "So Bad It's Good". I really, really hope I'm not alone in that. xD

Made of Meat: No, I totally agree. I first read them when I was five or six, and was thoroughly disappointed. I felt like girls were unjustly punished a lot in the more humorous twist endings, and found them overall more infuriating than unsettling. Your Mileage May Vary, of course. (And they're better than the third Creepshow movie.)

Regiment: Cut

  • This troper recalls a very amusing incident, where as part of a Speaking and Listening assignment in year 8 (7th grade to Yanks) he had to do a presentation on an author. He chose H.P. Lovecraft. When he announced his choice to the class someone asked "Is he the guy who wrote Goosebumps?". No, no he was not.

which is a mildly amusing Troper Tale, and borderline Natter.

Joysweeper: I've been reading Blogger Beware, the one that reviews each of the books in a very Accentuate the Negative way. It's tough to tell when the book being reviewed is one the blogger really likes, because he or she snarks the whole way through; the worst ones get the most, but even "Vampire Breath" gets a lot of movie references. But apparently he or she really liked "Haunted School", because the mocking tone completely disappears at a certain point. Just thought I'd mention it.