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There is no "The" in the title!

Shale: I have three boxsets' worth of DVDs that say different.

The kana of the title has no "the" ("za") syllable. It's especially irritating as it implies the main characters are a group called "the slayers" which is completely wrong. See here and here.

  • Shale: The official title of the US release is still "The Slayers." See here.

Caireach: My understanding is that while there was never a "the" in the Japanese title, it was tacked on for the English release to avoid copyright conflicts with something else. (I'm not sure what exactly the copyright conflict would have been with, though; I'll have to do more research before I can confirm or deny that.)
Tanto: Not every picture needs a caption. Let it go, people.

Lina: Would be nice for people using screen readers...
  • Leitmotif: Rezo has a particularly impressive one.
Link or name of this piece of music? I haven't found it on the OST of the first two seasons.

Lunaoh!: The track is called Akahoushi Rezo and it can be found from the Slayers ETC 1 CD. I'll have to see if I can find a link. It's a great track, one of my favourite pieces from the show's BGM.
Caireach: Now that the scanlation of the Knight of Aqualord manga is almost complete, I'm curious about whether others think it ought to have its own page, or if the tropes it uses should be added under the main Slayers page. Personally, I'm in favour of a separate page for Ko AL, if only because it introduces so many new characters who never appear anywhere outside of it, and only three of the main anime cast appear (and is explicitly meant as an Alternate Continuity to both the anime and novels). But I'd like to hear others' opinions on it.

whitetigah: Personally I think it's better if we keep everything in one page, splitting it into sections (see To Aru Majutsu no Index for an example), unless it would cause the page to become excessively lenghty (as happened to the Pokémon page, which had separate sections for the Anime and the game, but has since been split into separate pages).