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Rogue 7: With the Wall Banger, I assume you're talking about Gates? Yeah, he's nuts. I don't think it was ever implied that he was the leader of Amalgam. That honor appears to go to Good ol' Lenny Testarossa, and possibly not even him. He was just most likely their top AS pilot and a decent operative. I mean, what did he really do? He was sent to deal with the leader of a small country that just got its rear end handed to it by 3 AS units and a missile barrage from the TDD, was the leader of one operation in China, and then showed up to discipline one of his pilots who was going crazy in Hong Kong and died.
  • Yeah, if Gates were in charge... I don't even want to think about it. The "official" leader of Amalgam is Mr. Au (gold), a Japanese official whom Kalinin killed. Under Leonard's orders, no less. The thing about Amalgam's structure is there actually is no "big bad", because instead of being organized like a pyramid with one guy at the top, their personnel are spread out across the world under the control of many "misters" (Leonard is Mr. Silver, Gauron was Mr. Iron, etc...). If you bring down one, the rest will regroup. That's how they can afford to hire such psychos as Gauron and Gates and still run a business.

Deleted line 222: 04/Aug/09 at 09:26 PM by Sparkysharps reason: Yandere implies that there's a sweet, affectionate surface personality on top of teh crazay. If anyone can seriously consider Gauron sweet, I will eat my own keyboard.

Seikai: Just wanted to comment and mention that that made me LOL. Hard. (Though I seriously wouldn't be surprised if there are people out there that might call him... er... "sweet.") I must also mention that, looking at all the other examples listed on the Yandere page (with a bunch of cutesy-sweet, pink haired girls), I'm starting to get disturbing images of Gauron acting adorably sweet. *Shudders*

Discar: Does Kaname belong under Badass Normal? Yes, she is badass, especially near the end of the anime, but badass normal is specifically for normal person in a world with super people. The reason I didn't just remove it complete;y was because I wasn't sure whether the people who use the lambda driver are the "supers" in this equation.
  • Hmm... probably not. She's not badass (just exceptionally lucky and/or fated to survive) and she's not really normal (Whispered powers). I think Sousuke might be considered a badass normal because of his combat skills, but not Kaname.
  • Silverevilchao: I dunno, the rest of the main cast, the two other school people aside, are all soldiers with combat experience who pilot giant robots (or command submarines, or entire mercenary organizations...). And then we have Kaname, a schoolgirl with little to no combat experience, who gets around with her wits, rather than weapons or 9-meter-tall-humongous-mecha-powered-by-rage. She seems pretty "normal" compared to the other main characters of the series. Even the Welcome to My World example on the main page sums it up perfectly: she's a liability, and one wrong move will render her a bloodstain.

Seikai: Just curious, as I don't really mind either way if Sousuke should be considered a Cloud Cuckoo Lander or not... but is Sousuke really considered normal, even within Mithril? (I mean personality-wise...) I kinda remember even Mao and Kurz making jokes about how, even for a soldier, he's... not quite all there. And when Kaname mentioned to Mao that she thought everyone from Mithril had the same personality and mannerisms that Sousuke did, Mao laughed and said that Sousuke... is rather "special."

Silverevilchao: Actually, this kind of reminds me of a thought I had...isn't Sousuke more of a Wonka than a Cloud Cuckoo Lander? The example of that trope's page goes:
  • "Different from a Cloudcuckoolander in that Wonkas have their heads in Loonyland and their feet on earth, whereas Cloudcuckoolanders are completely in orbit. Also, Wonkas tend to be more extroverted and energetic than drifty, dreamy Cloudcuckoolanders, and they use more logic. For example, a Cloudcuckoolander may carry a gas mask around once to scare away evil spirits, but a Wonka will carry a gas mask around everywhere "in case there's a gas leak. Duh" and then act as though you're the odd one because you don't."
I dunno, sounds like Sousuke to me, minus the insane energy.