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Zhirzzh: I don't know if Elmer distracting Szilard counts as flipping off Cthulhu. He does distract Szilard, but it doesn't buy time for the heroes. Maiza was about to eat him, and is stopped, which I'm sure was Elmer's goal (as he still thought Szilard might be redeemable).
Jordan: I kind of dispute two trope elements here: I'm not sure I'd count Claire as a Handsome Lech, unless there is evidence from the light novels (which I haven't read) that he does propose to everyone. My impression, was that he was impressed by Chane's innocence and unwillingness to compromise her motives.

-Also, I don't think asexuality is an accurate description of Ennis. Seems to me that she's closer to being an Innocent Fanservice Girl. Not that there is a lot of fanservice, but more like she has romantic/sexual feelings but has a hard time identifying them because of her Raised by Wolves kind of upbringing.

Sparkysharps: The epilogue of Grand Punk Railroad has the following conversation indicating that he does, in fact, propose to nearly every girl he meets (though he insists that's it's just the most efficient way to find his One True Love):

"Let's hurry and get this over with. After this, I have to look for somebody. Somebody who might marry me, ya know." The brothers looked at each other after hearing Claire say this.
"Wait, you didn't propose to stranger again, did you?"
"Something like that."
"Something like what, you idiot! How many times do you think you've been dumped?"''

As for Ennis, the same conversation reveals that, despite living together for about least a year, Firo and Ennis haven't even gotten around to closed-mouth kissing. Firo also mentions (in the first book) that the whole courtship took over fifty years thanks to Ennis being a really late bloomer:
"Ennis back then was a skirt without much ability to feel, So I was the only one who was excited."

Jordan: Sorry, meant to respond a while back. Thanks for posting that info. Didn't mean to doubt, but it's hard when details are All There in the Manual and you wouldn't get them from watching the show. Sounds like interesting reading- kind of Runyonesque.

Kuroyama:Is there any specific reason that Dallas' escape from the Hudson has not been mentioned anywhere on this site?

Sparkysharps: Probably because, thanks to No Export for You of the Manual that elaborated on it (and the fact that even fan translations have only recently gotten to the book that deals with it), we don't actually know enough about it to write about it with any sort of confidence. Well that and, not many fans actually care what happens to Dallas.