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whitetigah: Does the setting qualify for the Mundane Fantastic trope? On one hand, no one questions the existence of esper powers, and they're an accepted part of everyday life. On the other, the standard reaction one gets when mentioning magic is "There is no such thing as magic" — so the setting would qualify for the trope for esper powers but not magic. Should we add the trope in the page?
Citizen: Now that the Railgun scanlations have reached Accelerator, the Railgun/Index example divide is a little more awkward... Avoiding all the novel spoilers that have cropped up since I was here last is making it harder to edit the page, though.
Dentaku: Wow, it looks like this page has been written by people with profound difficulties with the English language. I could clean a lot of it up myself, but this is perhaps a better task for a real fan of the series.
The Defenestrator: cut this:

This was specifically talked about in the Anime. 1) they can't redo the calculations because the only supercomputer powerful enough to do them has been destroyed, and 2) Mikoto is not planning to beat Accelerator, as you've just stated.
Lero: About the Ensemble Darkhorse. This site says : "Generally, it's used to describe a side character making up part of the Ensemble, either a non-lead secondary character or a mere Flat Character, who can sometimes become unexpectedly popular with the fandom". I want to say that Mikoto doesn't fit this category since she is not a "a lesser known candidate who does better than expected", she already was(and still is ) popular between the novel readers.

"Mikoto was voted No.1 by fans as their most favorite female character in a light novel series in 2009. " Is totally right, but also Touma got the third place in overall(female and male) and Mikoto being the 6th place in overall although she is the first in female category. -Here is the Top 10: 1. Hideyoshi Kinoshita / Baka to Test to Shōkanjū (♂1) 2. Araragi Koyomi / Bakemonogatari (♂2) 3. Touma Kamijou / Index (♂3) 4. Mii-kun / Usotsuki Mii-kun to Kowareta Maa-chan (♂4) 5. Ken Sugisaki / Seitokai no Ichizon (♂5) 6. Mikoto Misaka / Index (♀1) 7. Ryuji / Toradora (♂6) 8. Tooko Amano / Bungaku Shoujo (♀2) 9. Nanase Kotobuki / Bungaku Shoujo (♀3) 10. Konoha Inoue / Bungaku Shoujo (♂7)

I think, Popularity Power fits Mikoto the best because the author make a spin-off about her life to avoid any mess with the main story. Meanwhile characters like Kaori and Itsuwa fits the Ensemble Dark Horse category, even more the second one althought she officially was introduced just in the mid of the light novel series.

Second, this:
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot - Some fans are disappointed about the lack of focus on Touma's memory loss and feel in needs more attention. However, most seems to forget that Touma's memory loss is permanent so there's no way for him get them back.
In volume 16, it finally gets address when Mikoto learns about Touma's.

I have watched the series and read some volumes of the light novels, I think Chekhov's Gun fit this article the best because Touma whenever he meets a person asks to himself if he knows the other and tries to act friendly to avoid any suspect about his memory loss, even his parents discovered this before Mikoto. Why Chekhov's Gun? Because is hinted that his memories have something to do with his real powers. One of the mages he fought asked why he restrained to use his real powers, so he noticed Touma lost his memories, also pointed that only people like Saints have an abnormal luck like him.

What do you think guys?
Inept Troper: Is Kurozuma's seiyuu Katsuyuki Konishi?

Catt: I cut this becuse it seems out of place and is extremaley spoilerific. I've looked at other pages and no other one goes into such detail about the Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds. Placed here so someone can edit it and make it seem more normal, or even simply shorten it down.

He was taken to Academy City at a young age. Due to his looks and not many people understanding how his power works, he was treated like an outcast. One day during his childhood, he tried to return a ball to his classmates who were playing but one of the boys who didn’t like him tried to push him to get the ball back, only to get his arm broken by Accelerator’s powers. The boy’s friends and a teacher thought he did it on purpose and tried to hit him only to have same thing happen to them as well. It got bad to the point that not only were Academy City agents were called in to deal with Accelerator but also the Anti-Skills, special forces, tanks, helicopters and even Mech Suits and they were all called at the same time! If you thought that was bad, IT Got Worse when he grew older. He was constantly tested and experimented by many scientists with other children of his age who tried to test the limits of their powers which in some cases the experiments were so deadly, he was the only survivor while the rest were killed. One of the worst scientist to take care him was Amata Kihara, who not only abused Accelerator and to tried kill him in his experiments many times but also as his master, taught him how to use his powers. With a life like that, it’s no wonder that he became a psychotic, sadistic killer with a God Complex, “Strong shall live, weak shall die” mentality and survivalist attitude who enjoy watching others suffered and willingly join the Level 6 project to become so powerful that noone would dare attack him again. The reason he hasn’t become a Complete Monster because there were some people who saved him like Dr Yoshikawa who not only rescued and saved Accelerator from the only experiment that almost killed him when he was younger but was the first person to treat him like a human being and not a guinea pig which made her the first adult that Accelerator truly respected and there’s also Yomikawa and Last Order who taught him that even a monster like him can still redeem himself.