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Frumple Orz: Removed * Guitar Hero 2 decided to unleash Yes We Can, possibly as a cruel joke on anyone foolish enough to be wandering the bonus set list.

I, for one, love the song and the band actually has a fan base in the noise rock genre

Firelegend567- Removed "** To be honest, if your male, and you have most of an album by them on your ipod, the only way you could be more gay is if you went through a bar in flourescent pink, tossing flowers, skipping, and say "free roses for everyone. god bless us all." in an extremely high lisp. Or if your Izzy Sparks in GH III. WHY!?""

For just being completely pointless and possibly insulting.
Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: Cut this and put it here. If you, the poster, don't know whether it's So Bad It's Horrible, it probably isn't.

  • Achey Breaky Heart by Billy Ray Cyrus vary from person to person from this and Guilty Pleasure.
    • He then goes on to father Miley Cyrus, AKA Hannah Montana. Whether she will go on to success through So Bad, It's Good or actual talent is dependent on your tastes, listen——

Firelegend567- Took out "* The emergence of "nu metal" has provoked a reponse highly reminiscient of a moral outcry from numerous metalheads. You read that right. A moral outcry from metalheads. The nu metal group you're most likely to know would be Linkin Park.

Really people, I realize that Linkin Park, and Nu-metal in general has a lot of haters. But just because you dislike something doesn't mean in it's So Bad, It's Horrible. Think before you post here.

Bring The Noise - Cut:

"* Ever since Weezer's famed hiatus after Pinkerton's release, their music's quality has dropped. At Make Believe, this troper quickly found how banal and awful they had become after hearing the single We Are All On Drugs, and when their latest self-title was released, it only became worse. [1] is proof they're not even trying anymore."

On the same principle. I don't like it != it's rubbish.
Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: Cut this and put it here, since whoever posted the initial example didn't hear all of it, and it appears to have fans.
  • I remember a Guitar Hero 2 song that was even worse. It was basically just a guy with a whiny voice screeching out "I'm flying! I'm flying!" over and over. Do you have a headache yet? This troper turned off the sound playing the song. It's hard, too.
    • "Who Was In My Room Last Night" by the Butthole Surfers? That song's awesome! The "I'm flying!" bit is just the very beginning.

Oh. And I would like to hear more about Say Eh Oh by the Teletubbies. I don't doubt that it's worse than, say, the Sesame Street albums, but "nuff" hasn't been said yet.
Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: If Kelly Osbourne has produced a song, ripoff or not, that was actually acclaimed by legitimate rock music critics, then her entire career cannot be So Bad, It's Horrible. Cut this and put it here. Her cover of "Papa Don't Preach" should be replaced if it truly qualifies, but I'm not the one doing it.
  • If anyone is wondering why Kelly Osbourne's music career was (thankfully) short-lived, well, listen to her CD. Or better, don't.
    • Poked fun at in Chappelle's Show:
      Silky Johnson: "I got a new song for's called 'Daughter, Don't Sing'."
    • To say nothing of the fact that "her" most famous song was a cover of a song about something she would never have to worry about, so no one believed there was any emotional resonance. Her mother preaching at her, possibly, but Ozzy?
    • The only song of hers that was critically acclaimed was "One Word", a complete ripoff of Visage's "Fade To Grey".

Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: Any work that is actually loved by a significant number of people probably falls under "has a legitimate fanbase." And Your Mileage May Vary is not compatible with So Bad, It's Horrible. So, cut this and put it here.

  • Bitter Dance (at least I think that's the title), the standard boss theme for the second disc of the videogame Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time, is probably the worst boss music ever. ToleratedLoved only by die-hard Star Ocean fans, and sometimes not even them.

Ethereal Mutation: More cuts.

  • This version of "Oh Holy Night". While for some people it might fall into So Bad, It's Good, anyone who actually likes music will want to poke out their own eardrums after listening to it.
    • Holy night cheese snot! That's like real-life Hollywood Tone-Deaf combined with ridiculous amounts of Large Ham.
    • I didn't think it was humanly possible to sing that badly. I will never complain about my dad's singing, ever again.

Too many people think it's So Bad, It's Good.

  • Many people and most fans love Metallica's 1980s works. Their 1990s albums have a fair number of listeners. But their second-to-latest album, "St. Anger," is met with utter and complete loathing by almost everyone in existence. The film Metallica: Some Kind of Monster chronicles the massive Creator Breakdown involved in its production.
    • St. Anger has its defenders.

The second bullet point nullifies this entry.

  • The three experimental albums by John Lennon and Yoko Ono. For the curious and foolhardy, these albums are Two Virgins (yes, that one), Unfinished Music No. 1: Life with the Lions, and The Wedding Album.

Non-descriptive. Explain why they're horrible.

Popularity By Quality Vote, anybody?

  • A thankfully unheard example in This is Spinal Tap: "The review for "Shark Sandwich" was merely a two word review which simply read 'Shit Sandwich.'"

While maybe a quote from the film could make a good opening, it doesn't make it a proper example (especially if it's just Take Our Word for It).

  • John Cage's "Music of Changes." It was composed by assigning a note to each hexagram of the Yi Jing/I Ching/Book of Changes, an ancient Chinese divinations text. This is basically the same as using a random number generator to write music by assigning a note to each number 1 through 64. Throw a couple of cats on a piano, and you have a pretty good approximation of what this song sounds like.
    • Cage also wrote "Slow Piece," a work for pipe organ which will take 200 years to play, one note per month.
      • No, "Organ2/ASLSP" (Organ 2: As SLow aS Possible), which simply has directions to play it "as slowly as possible". A performance beginning in 2001 will take 639 years, and the shortest note is one month. The notes that have been played so far have each lasted between half a year and two years and two months.
    • One might point out that a) "aleatoric music" is an entire genre, b) Cage wrote a lot of it, and c) Cage's most (in)famous piece is 4'33", consisting of four minutes and 33 seconds of total silence.

Contested example. Also, Cage was aiming not to so much make proper music as to express artwork through non-music. Judging by how much he gets discussed to this day, he succeeded.

  • "My Humps" as performed by the Black Eyed Peas. Much maligned by critics everywhere for its banal, incoherent lyrics and beat.
    • "My Humps" as performed by Alanis Morissette, on the other hand.....

It might be bad, but it became inexplicably popular.
Trouser Wearing Barbarian: Cut the Jobriath entry. While his career was an epic failure, he's got a sizeable cult following, and there are plenty of people who enjoy his music. time=1228065341

Crazyrabbits: Still more cuts:

  • Soulja Boy. His music just consists of some random tunes where he shouts out phrases like "Superman dat ho!", "YAH!!! Trick YAH!!!", or "She thirsty!"

It doesn't matter what you think of the guy. He's a multi-platinum selling artist who still appeals to teens. His music is stupid and repetitive, but it still appeals to kids. That alone disqualifies it from this page.

  • Yes We Can and Red Lottery became the most hated songs of Guitar Hero II by far. You need to only look at the comments on their Scorehero pages here and here to see the seething hatred both elicit. The former is basically little more than a bunch of vaguely connected, unpleasant noises while the latter perhaps accomplishes its goal a little too well.
    • "Mauvais Garcon" from Guitar Hero III. It's extremely repetitive and, if you don't know French, meaningless. It is also a pain to play in that game.

So you don't like the song's placement in the game? Rewrite this example to explain the failings of the ORIGINAL songs, not how people talk about it as part of a video game.

As per the comments on the Youtube video, this was done ON PURPOSE, putting the failed contestants of a reality show on display for people to mock. The fact that the original editor of this point went on to say that one of became a pseudo-celebrity also nullifies it.

  • "My Humps" as performed by the Black Eyed Peas. Much maligned by critics everywhere for its banal, incoherent lyrics and beat.
    • "My Humps" as performed by Alanis Morissette, on the other hand.....

Already cut once before, and someone posted it. AGAIN. The Black Eyed Peas still have a very large fanbase, making their thrashing by critics a moot point. It still has a fanbase it appeals to.

subspace5000: Does anyone else think that March Of The Pigs should be added to this page?
Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: Someone has added to the page that they think Broken NCYDE is So Bad, It's Good. We can't pull the entry on one person's say-so (even So Bad, It's Horrible projects have a few supporters, or they would never get distributed), and the justification does have some descriptive detail... But, we can't keep it on the page if it is So Bad, It's Good. So now what?
Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: Cut this and put it here. Squick alone is not enough to put something on this list because of Rule 34 and related ideas. Therefore, if squick alone is what keeps a work from being So Bad, It's Good, then it should be treated as So Bad, It's Good.
Kalle: Cut —

  • Pun-Colle. A troupe of six Japanese voice actresses cover rock classics in the most disgustingly-cute moeblob voices they can manage. Hearing ''Smells Like Teen Spirit'' being performed by what sounds like your typical Eroge heroine is enough to elicit a facepalm from most casual music fans, and certain to make ordained ministers of the First Church of Nirvana seethe with righeous fury.

because I, for one, think it's so bad it's HILARIOUS. I'm sure at least a couple other people agree.
Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: Cut this and put it here. If there's a truly good song amid the mess, you can't list the entire mess. Mega Man II isn't like Action52; Action 52 has fifty-two different "games," and so one or two good themes there don't invalidate the other fifty. Mega Man II is only one game...
  • Capcom tried to give Mega Man II for the Game Boy an original soundtrack instead of remixes of the NES games, and ended up with strings of grating, high-pitch beeps that will cause any normal person to mute their Game Boys. While the game itself is the worst of the Game Boy Mega Man games, it's still a decent game.

Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: Cut this and put it here. It should be possible for a dedicated and masochistic person to find the Horrible songs on Golden Throats. You can name individual songs, but leave off the album as a whole. (Though I may be biased - Dave Barry doesn't like solo McCartney.)

  • Dave Barry identified an entire subgenre of this: "Actors Whose Friends Don't Have The Guts To Tell Them That While They Might Be Good At Acting, When It Comes To Singing, They Stink." As an example, he gave the compilation "Golden Throats" (memorably including Mae West's rendition of "Twist And Shout.")

Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: I am reluctant to pull the Dave Barry poll, but I am also a little steamed about it putting "MacArthur Park" here - and not just because I like the song. Other reasons:
  1. Diana Ross's vs. charted high.
  2. Richard Harris's vs. is good if you can get past the lyrics. Psychedelic, but good.
  3. This song has a passel of entries on the Narm page. Narm marks So Bad, It's Good, not So Bad, It's Horrible.

Yon Troper: Sorry, but the Brokencyde entry has to go. I don't like their music, a lot of other people don't like their music, but they have a legitimate and growing fanbase, and quite a few people find them So Bad, It's Good. Cut this and put it here.

  1. Broke NYCDE. Horribly generic beat, IKEA Erotica for lyrics and...some sort of noise. They are everything that's wrong with music today. As Cracked puts it:
"It's like if two metrosexual rapists starred in Night at the Roxbury".

  • The worst part is, some morons actually like this stuff. The good news is, they're so bad, they got kicked off their own tour.
o This is a perfect example of the "12 year old girl" theory of economics.

Triassicranger: Does that Avril Lavigne cover really belong here? While I'm not a fan of her music I'm somehow sensing it shouldn't be here, it smacked of Complaining About Music You Dont Like when I saw it first up here and it still smacks of that now.

Lordnecronus: I'm the one who first put the song there. I don't hate Avril Lavigne, and I'm a fan of System of a Down, so it's not coming from the perspective of a so-called "hater". There was massive backlash from both fanbases due to the cover, too. Hope that clarifies it.

Triassicranger: Thanks for the clarification. I think the name Avril Lavigne sent off alarm bells in my head you see.
Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: Cut these and put them here. For the first, genuine Narm (which is what hilarious Mondegreens amount to) rules out a work being truly Horrible; Narm mars good work, but improves bad work. For the second — aside from our cutting this band before, if the Wikipedia editors collectively like the Shaggs from their neutralish point of view, then the band cannot belong here.

  • Would it be safe to put Waking the Cadaver here? Mostly, Deathcore is not well-loved but isn't So Bad, It's Horrible, either. Waking the Cadaver abandon any musical quality the other deathcore bands had in exchange for pure brutality - which, as you'd guess, makes it sounds like crap.
  • Deserving mention here is The Shaggs, a trio of adolescent girls with no notable musical ability, training, or even interest; effectively forced into performing by their father, in order to fulfill a prediction by a fortune teller that they'd be the Next Big Thing. Their music is more polarizing than nearly any other artist's work; with a small minority of staunch defenders who praise the work as a brilliant example of anti-art and avante-garde "outsider music"; and legions of firey critics who deride it as purile noise, and its fans as vapid and pretentious. Needless to say, the majority of listeners fail to find any redeeming value; but many influential musicians are fans of The Shaggs, including such luminaries as avante-garde pioneer Frank Zappa, and Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain (although how much of their fandom is based on earnest appreciation, and how much is postmodernist irony, is up for debate).
    • despite all this: Their wikipedia article is praising them as much a a neutral point of view can do...

Lordnecronus: While I agree with you about the Shaggs (since they've been praised like that), I find your reasoning regarding Waking the Cadaver to be slightly flawed. The mondegreen itself is quite narmy; the song isn't. Just because a song has a mondegreen doesn't mean the song should not be on the list. Although, I would like to have a calm debate about this, because I'd like to hear reasons aside from the mondegreen.

Lordnecronus: Actually, I need to change my argument. I wouldn't regard the mondegreen as narmy. Narm is something that was intended to be serious but comes off as funny. The mondegreen was intended to be funny, so the mondegreen isn't really Narm. The song itself is not Narm, even if a mondegreen got made of it.

HeartBurn Kid: And here I disagree with you. If a Mondegreen gets associated with a song to the degree that all anything one can think of when hearing the song is the mondegreen, then a mondegreen can, indeed, make a song Narm (see Manfred Mann, "Blinded by the Light" as an example)

Lordnecronus: I had another argument in this "post" before, and I thought it was a pretty good argument, but then I thought of something: a compromise. I know of a band that is worse than Waking the Cadaver and has a similar style - Enmity. There are no mondegreens made of Enmity's work, at least not for the moment, and there is absolutely nothing within Enmity's work that could qualify as Narm. Would replacing WtC with Enmity settle this? It'd still get my original point across, that sacrificing musicianship for brutality makes the music sound like shit.

Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: Fine by me. If what you say is true, Enmity should be listed on this page no matter what is decided about Waking The Cadaver. Though — "sacrificing musicianship for brutality" — I can remember music critics praising punk rockers for trying to pull that off. (It's Three Chords and the Truth Up to Eleven.) We need to be careful. The various "core" genres get more brutal than punk, though — right?

Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: Yeah, Death Metal can get that brutal. (We just wish it wouldn't.)
TsundeRay: I'm sorry, but I can't find a single individual who likes "I Am the Wind."
Triassicranger: Regarding my recent edit to the DJ Max thing, I meant to say "not based in fiction.

Crazyrabbits: Regarding this example:

  • The latest Lil' Wayne album, Rebirth, is already being called the worst album of 2010, despite being released in February. Reason? Lil' Wayne tries to build rock cred with this album... and flops harder than a fat guy at a pool. To quote the Entertainment Weekly review, "Viscous nü-metal dirges like American Star and first single Prom Queen are Auto-Tuned and endlessly distorted, as if they've been dredged up from some gremlin-y swamp and then strained through a wet waffle cone." It only gets worse from there, as Jeff Weiss' track-by-track breakdown attests.

I wanted to pull the entry (and I didn't), but I don't think this is as bad as it sounds. Why?

1) It debuted at #2 in the U.S., and three of the singles were hits (showing that, in spite of the negative reviews, people still bought it in droves).

2) It does have at least one legitimately great track (the collaboration with Eminem)

3) This could be a one-off experimental CD (much like Neil Young or many other artists who have switched genres)

4) It just came out this month (February). It's a bit too soon to label this as horrible.

But, what do I know? I'm just the editor. If you think it merits inclusion, keep it in.