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That Other 1 Dude: Debated:
[Solid Snake] lives with his support character and "best friend" Otacon, and the two of them have adopted a child together. That oozing sound you just heard was made by all the world's homoerotic fanfiction writers simultaneously emitting torrents of hot lady-spunk.
—Ben 'Yahtzee' Croshaw, on Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

The picture is fine, but we already have two quotes, that's not a very original joke, and it's really just plain disgusting.


This just in by Word Of God - David Hayter recently confirmed that the relationship between Snake and Otacon was supposed to be 'romantic', and confessed that they'd played much of their dialogue as love scenes, particularly the 'Bad' Ending of the remake of the first game. Male and female reactions to this were predictable.

Can anyone give me the source for Dayter declaring Otasune as canon, like an interview transcript or a video or something?

Fly: "Dayter", "Otasune"... Anon, you're one of my girls, aren't you?

[unknown]: Yes, Nandi. -_^ I'd prefer to remain an Anon right now, if that's alright. And I found the quotes I was looking for. It's still not canon.

Document N: So, now that I'm curious, why it's called that? Googles do nothing.

  • Squad 7 in Valkyria Chronicles doesn't believe in the "don't ask, don't tell" policy. Want proof? Take a look at Dallas Wyatt the engineer. She has "Man Hater" and "Fancies Women" as character traits, and most (if not all) of her quotes relate to main heroine Alicia Melchiott in some way.

Nezumi: I'd considered adding her myself, but I wasn't sure it was enough. I was playing with Japanese voices, though, so I might've missed something. I find that far too often, if a game gives you the choice to use Japanese or English voices, it's because they only put in English voices because it's expected, and they hired five drunken hobos and a mangy cat to do them.

hello (Edited and moved because I am a n00b failure):

Is the full paragraph on how Cecil may or may not be aware of those with romantic affections towards him and how he therefore pursues his relationships really necessary? It smacks of fanwank. I think it would be better either taken out altogether or reduced to one sentence to the effect of "possibly one-sided." It's not so important it needs several sentences of spoiler text, and really, it shouldn't open with "I believe," because I don't think anyone cares that much.
Freezair For A Limited Time: Good. Gravy. Someone else has actually played Sweet Dreams? I used to love that game, and I haven't thought about it in ages...

Twin Bird: Admittedly, the entry had gotten Natter-tastic, but deleting all mention of Metal Gear Solid, even the opening quote? Not even a short little "here be Ho Yay" bullet? Just going by the name here, I'm going to guess...squicked fanboy who won't admit not all gay men are harmless little fashion queens?

Seikai: I have to agree. Some of it might need a bit of pruning, but come on. Seriously, a bunch of them that really do apply were deleted in one careless fell swoop. If someone is going to edit it, at least take the time to go through and see which ones do fit the trope instead of just erasing everything.

(Correct me if this is in the wrong place.) Alright, I have to say it: Neverwinter Nights 2. While Bishop and Casavir's seeming Foe Yay may have just been a Relationship Writing Fumble (they were the love interests of the PC, but I'm pretty sure they spent more time getting heated over each other than over her), did anyone else get F Hoe Yay vibes between a certain wizard and innkeeper..? I seriously just kept waiting for Sand and Duncan to just kiss already.

Is my mind in the gutter?
Farseer Lolotea: To all the World of Warcraft players who follow them, but have missed their latest antics: If Blizzard ever decides to sink the Asric/Jadaar ship, they've just made it very difficult for themselves. (True facts.)
Anon: Could whoever the squicked fanboy is who keeps deleting all the Metal Gear, Ace Attorney and RPG examples please grow a penis?