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Charred Knight: After hearing about Warcraft II, and III I will point out that I have played the original Warcraft and your not missing anything. Theirs really not much difference between the two races, roads are annoying, and the story is fairly bareboned especially the Orc side.

Mirrinus: To the guy who replied to the Touhou Project gush: you can plug Do Don Pachi without having to shoot down someone else's gush and say that it's only popular for its lolis and ridicule its gameplay. That's extremely rude and disrespectful, and goes against the entire point of this page. I have half a mind to delete that, except I don't think that would set a good precedence for this page.

Freezair For A Limited Time: Delete it. It sets a bad precedent.
Rebochan: I keep deleting an entry about Rape Lay.

  • RapeLay : Does it make you sick? Maybe. Is it distasteful? it depends on what kind of person you are. Will it offend lots of people? Hell yeah. But you know what? Two specific points more then make up for those previous things and sky-rocket this game into this page. 1) NO ONE who has seen or played this game can deny that this game has top-notch incredible 3D graphics. Even the people who HATE this game can't help but admit the game's graphics are superb...and this is considering the time this game was made. 2) It raised the ire of EqualityNow, and its from campaigning against this one game that this Feminazi group reveal a lot of ugly methods they use to get their point through...suffice to say, it's thanks to this game luring out the FOREIGN feminist group that the gaming community was finally able to see what kind of people feminists can be when given enough power. Suffice to say, the backlash to Rapelay's ban in Japan was quite huge in the internet, Eroge and Hentai websites implored international customers to band together and stand for freedom of speech by writing to the ratings boards, and thankfully, the bans did not go through.

The entry is less of a gush and more of an excuse to complain about feminism.

Willy Four Eyes: Agreed. This says absolutely nothing about the game itself and should be deleted.


"◦This is the game that proved to this troper that video games are an art form. I hold every other RPG to FF 6's standards, and find myself frequently disappointed. It was not in the awkward graphics era of FF 7 or FF 8, had some of the best characters in the series, and Terra's Theme, the "Freebird of video game music". The saddest part is that it is frequently overlooked in favor of the fan-heavy VII, despite (cue Flame War) Kefka being a better villain than Sephiroth, Terra being a more interesting protagonist than our spiky-haired Captain Wangst, better supporting cast diversity and development, Kefka being a better villain than Sephiroth, and a complex plot that remains entertainingly unpredictable even midway into the World Of Ruin. Everyone on the planet should play this game, (and then listen to Terra In Black, for extra credit) and try to say, with complete sincerity, that it is not awesome. This is quite possibly one of the greatest video games of all time, and one of the defining points of the genre. I AM NOT FUCKING AROUND WHEN I SAY THAT."

I went ahead and removed the admitted flame bait parts of this entry. I'd rather not have any rabid "VI is better than VII" or visa-versa on this page. This is about gushing about something you love, not putting something you hate down in favor of what you love.