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This article is wrong. Street Fighter TWO did not "single-handedly invent the tournament fighter" Whether or not it had fancy graphics and multiple player characters, the first real tournament fighter was Yie Ar Kung-Fu, and there were lots of earlier fighting games you could make a case for. Then there was Street Fighter ONE, of course. For a game to "single handedly invent" a genre means that it wove a completely original idea out of whole cloth. SFII might have REFINED the genre, but without these earlier games it never would have existed. Here's an article you should read: -Zeno

Someone tell me, a man who has played Street Fighter II for over ten years, how the game invented the combo? - Bluey

And someone tell me what is with all the "Zangief is gay" stuff. Where in canon does it say that?

Kinitawowi: I've got a copy of Edge Retro featuring an interview with Noritaka Funamizu talking about the game, where he notes that the combo thing was something that came about by accident while they were playtesting the beat-up-the-car bonus stage. Not sure about Zangief, though, but... look at those pants! Of course he's gay!

BlackVion: What about his pants? He's a freaking Professional Wrestler! They wear stuff like that all the time.

Known Unknown: I think Zangief being gay is more of a Word of God type thing. Though... his image in one of the versions of SFII Staff Roll Call (after beating the game) has him with a photo of Vega with a kiss mark on it in his room.

Neo Chaos: Actually, it's Japanese writing on it (don't ask...) and it reads "baka", which seems to indicate Zangief actually doesn't think too highly of Vega...