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Somebody added in "Originally the movie was meant to be the pilot episode for a prequel series featuring the ongoing adventures of Kirk's Enterprise (which never completed its "Five Year Mission" onscreen as the original series only lasted three season)." As nothing like this has ever been mentioned anywhere ever by anyone ever connected in any way to the new Star Trek movie, I'm forced to conclude that whoever it was made it up so I've deleted it.

I have no idea what's going on with listing a "cat-suit" for certain Trek series. If this were backed up with a paragraph about cat-suit uniforms later then maybe, but as it was it was purely gratuitous (and inaccurate, as the editor missed one of them). Even if it's worthy of note, it's an example of a recurring phenomenon, i.e., a trope, and does not belong in what is intended as simply a list of the series. Deleted.

triassicranger: How did "Star Trek: Nemesis" and "Star Trek IV" end up as alternate titles?