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Jisu: It's about time!

Kayube: I sense some hostility towards this series on the part of this page's creator...

Seth: Gee you think. I hadn't actualy read the page until just now but damn this needs a rewrite from someone who doesn't consider the later games to be an affront to their childhood.

Tanto: The series really does deserve it, though. There's no real way to spin the latter part of the series as anything other than a bastardization of what made the original games fun. It's right in the middle of a Dork Age.

Ununnilium: Even so, though, there's a difference between an objective description of a series on the way down and Fun Time Whining About Sonic Happy Hour. Let's see if we can't tweak this...

Tanto: Now see, I don't like this new edit at all. The old version was funnier, more detailed, more informative, and more entertaining to read. This one's got objectivity going for it, but that's about it. I question which one is more important on this particular wiki.

Ununnilium: IMHO, it was more detailed, but not especially entertaining - it really did feel whiny.

SynjoDeonecros As the original creator of the wiki, I'll admit I'm a bit jaded and biased against anything past Sonic Adventure 2, but I tried to keep from making the article sound too whiny. I agree with Tanto, though, that the new edit just sounds really bland and less informative than what I originally wrote. I can try to re-edit it with a bit more upbeat attitude towards the newer games (I'll admit that, aside from the Sonic Advance games and Sonic Heroes, I haven't played any of the new games first-hand, just going by what I've observed from news articles and videos on YouTube), but really, how can you be any more than just slightly optimistic about a series whose quality has nosedived ever since the fall of Sega and the failure of the Dreamcast?

Ununnilium: Sure, add s'more stuff.

Lord Seth: I'd like to add a page about the Archie comics series but I'm not sure what to call it. For example, "Sonic The Hedgehog Comic" is kind of vague and could fit any of the comic series. Any suggestions?

SpiriTsunami: I've noticed that a lot of other franchises have separate entries for games that went in a different direction than the rest of the franchise, and I think that Shadow the Hedgehog should get that treatment. Care to help me round up all of the examples regarding this game that currently link to this page and reroute them to the new page?

High Five: Okay, I've pimped this series out to high heavens in the Wiki - anyone okay if I create an actual page for Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog? After all, Sonic X has one...

High Five: Never mind. I just added it.

Paul Power: This page just feels like it needs to be split into lots of different bits, given how widely the tropes vary between 2D and 3D and the various adaptations and spin-offs and all. Heck, Sonic Chronicles alone introduces a whole bunch of stuff that appears nowhere else in the series.

Professor Raine: I'll try working on creating a Sonic Chronicles The Dark Brotherhood page.

Ishntknew: I just launched a page for the Sonic X comic book. I may do one for the OVA later. If so, where would it go? Would it go under the film namespace for Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog The Movie, or just Sonic OVA?

High Five: Here, it says that Shadow the Hedgehog is So Bad, It's Horrible. On the page itself, it says it's rather good. Hm...

jketchum31: As one of the few Shadow fans out there, I can tell you that it's near universally reviled, but almost always considered better than 2k6. Why not just go with the hate and make it a Broke Base running gag...

Kayube: Should we somehow distinguish the Genesis, Master System, and Game Gear versions of the various games? The Master System and Game Gear versions are mostly the same, naturally, but Sonic The Hedgehog 1 and 2 on Genesis are very different from their respective 8-bit versions, and the way the page is now makes it seem like they don't count (though I can see why some might want to not count them).