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I'm surprised there is not Pokemon Speech Disorder trope. You know, when a monster repeats its own name over and over? Pokemons are not the only creatures to do this. For example, zakennas in Futari wa Pretty Cure do this all the time.

Yoshi348: Boy, did that need to be done. The main reason I decided to tackle it this way is because of all the inbound links already here that refer to only the game or only the show; making a separate namespace article probably wouldn't have worked out as well.

And yeah, it needs examples for the game. But I mostly wanted to get the ball rolling here.

Cassius335: Anybody else want to change the name of this page to add the é (currently the Pokémon entry redirects to this one)?

Ununnilium: Cassius: I'd really rather have it this way; putting accents in trope names is not recommended.

I'd really like to split either the game or the series out into a separate Series/ or Game/ entry.

Yoshi348: Like I said, the hard part is that you'd basically need to go through all the inbound links and direct them to the right page. Mostly it would just take someone willing to sit down and do that, although there also might be some argument about which one gets the main page. I also can't seem to find the doodad that lets you check inbound links, if there is one.

Tanto: It's the "References" button at the top -- moved there after people started whining about it.

Anyway -- Pokemon currently has 232 inbound links, so this does seem like it'll be quite a task. Nonetheless, I do think it needs to be done. I'll get started.

Later: Ye Gods, that was brutal.




Someone else will have to do the finding and replacing, because I am pretty much sick of thinking about this.

Morgan Wick: Given the above, if we do split, I propose taking the Hitchhiker's Guide approach.

Cassius335: Removed...

from the The Other Darrin entry on this page's list. Can we please keep the SOVA stuff out of the page?
arromdee: Being a long-term fan who was very much paying attention to anime at the time, I can say that the series most directly responsible for the new wave of anime was not Pokemon, but Power Rangers. Once Power Rangers got successful, companies started looking for other series to bring over from Japan. Many of them were animated, and in 1995 America got Ronin Warriors, Sailor Moon, Eagle Riders, Teknoman, and Dragonball. Dragonballl Z started in 1996. Pokemon didn't come out until 1998. It certainly helped anime get popular, though.
Cassius335: Did the barest start on the Pokemon Character Sheet. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Cassius335: Removed...

  • Honestly, with how much that they stress that no one has ever seen a Pokemon laying an egg, and how much magic there is in the series, it could just be a demon summoning.

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