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Synjo Deonecros: The Angry Video Game Nerd is doing a review marathon of all of the Godzilla movies produced, including the American one...though he really shows his bias against the American version as a die-hard Toho 'Zilla fan in its review and the start of the "Godzilla 2000" review, despite saying it's not bad for a typical giant monster movie in the same breath. Truly, the movie is all over the place as far as critical approval, goes.

priopraxis: The page says Godzilla is Gaia's vengeance. That is mostly wrong..Godzilla is the Atom Bomb/Nuclear War.(Although one of the other monsters is probably Gaia's vengeance.)He appears suddenly, destroys a Japanese metropolis and leaves behind lethal radioactive fallout.

Man Without A Body: In Godzilla 1985, though, Steve compares him to a hurricane. Also, will someone stop calling Destoroyah a Psycho for Hire? Nobody hired him. He's not a crazy assassin. He's a giant city-crushing crab monster.

Colonial1: Oh come on, at least give him Ax-Crazy! And put Complete Monster back up there. There's kaiju monster, and then there's MONSTER monster. Destroyah and GMK Godzilla qualify excellently. It's notable when a beast is outright sadistic, y'know, as opposed to just fighting for territory... Same goes for Evil Laugh. When have you seen a skyscraper-sized bipedal crustacean cackling maniacally before?

Scatzilla99:This is just comepletely different but I think that we should make a page for Godzilla's video games as well it makes alot of sense but thats just me