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Shay Guy: Fish Called Waldo, judging from the timestamps, it looks like something went wrong with the file locking.
Looney Toons: Willbyr — you changed a dead link to one at GeoCities the day after GeoCities' death knell was announced? That's swapping dead for last day of terminally ill.

Willbyr - I didn't know about what was going on with GeoCities; that link was the first one I found that had the story. I wonder if it will be moved to a new server...

Fish Called Waldo: After reading this, I'm trying to find secondary links to any fanfics that are not on, well, more 'suspect' sites. I can find no alternate source for Variations on a Theme, Pages by Lara Bartram - which is actually a dead link already, The Gods Within by Scriviner, Hellstorm Evangelion or The Children and the Fury and The More, The Merrier by Andrew Aelfwine. Does anyone know where we could get these? I don't want to loose so many works just because GeoCities wants to be a bunch of jerks.

Willbyr: I wonder if anyone's tried to contact the authors to get them to move their stories to or some other site...

Lavanya Six: I have copies of Variations on a Theme, Pages by Lara Bartram, and several dozen other obscure Geocities and Tripod-era fanfics. They're mostly late 90s, early 2000s Evangelion and Sailor Moon fanfics, with a couple of Ranma 1/2 and Bubblegum Crisis ones thrown in. I'd say about a third of them you can't even find on the internet anymore. Give me some time and I'll put together a full list.

Not sure what I should do with them, though. Would it be inappropriate to archive them all (with proper credit given to authors) on a livejournal or dreamwidth account?

Cryptic Mirror: We have a trope for this just Keep Circulating the Tapes. I'd be more than happy to accept a copy of the Ranma ones if you wanted to email me them. Email is crypticmirror(at)gmail(dot)com

Willbyr: A question regarding the organization of the page. Would it be better to further split the sections into Completed and Unfinished?

Fish Called Waldo: I'd personally take a leaf out of Naruto's book....annnnd seeing as you did, put up notices that you did reshuffle the listings. Peggy Sue, Crossover, and Alternate History seem like the most logical ones for now.
  • Those sound good, although I think that each link to a multi-chapter fic should clearly indicate if the story is finished or not. I'll play around with the formatting and see how it looks.

Willbyr: Well, I think I've done about all the damage I can do. How's it look?

Fish Called Waldo: Forgive the born critic in me. It looks pretty good, I actually like the sub-divisions for the crossovers. Not that I think it's needed — it may make new editors confused — but it's nice. I'd make each division — Peggy Sue, Crossover, Various Sue/Stu-ish works — into their own subheader Like Shipping Fics and Gen Fic. I'd change the 'Oneshot' and 'Troperriffic' section into Gen Fic and rename the 'Sue' section because, really, it's a bad way to recommend fanfiction. As for including a 'Status' there seems to be a few sections that are doing that...after Comments. If you want to included it, I'd move Status to after the 'Recommended by' line. And, personally, I'd defuse Shipping Fics up into the rest of the recommendations and move 'Gen Fic' back to where it was, and have Peggy Sue Alternate History and Crossover in descending size after that. But that's just me.
  • I thought about trying to split out the various fic types under the One-shot section into their own subsections, but I'm not nearly skilled enough with the trope definitions to make those kind of calls for some of them. I'd also thought about moving the Shipping Fics like you suggested, as well as creating a subsection for the purely comedic stories like Misato's Predicament and Evanjellydonut. I like the idea of putting the Status section below the Recommended By: list. Feel free to play around with the reformatting, this is just what I could come up with for the time being.
    • Fish Called Waldo: I don't think I would do that to the Gen Fic quite yet. Just move the One-Shots to under under Gen Fic. And I'll try to — this week won't have too long for goofing off, sadly.
      • I've added statuses to the fics that I've read...most of them should be right.

Willbyr: Questions regarding Evanjellydonut. Should the link be left as it is, or changed to direct links to the individual parts since the current link is to the author's entire fic list? Also, does anyone know if any more parts are going to be released?
  • Just found it at, I'll add the link to the page.

Willbyr: I came across a new fic today, The Way Out is Through. It's a Dark Fic in which Shinji and Asuka get separated after the end of Eo E and then reunite years later in decidedly harsh circumstances. I'm a little hesitant to recommend it, as there are some elements of the plot that seem a little Deus ex Machina, and there are formatting issues with the text itself. The writing is good and the characterizations, I thought, were handled well, but I don't know that it's good enough to make mention of in the entry. If a couple of you have time, could you give this a read and see if you think it's worth listing? Thanks!

Cryptic Mirror: If you think it is worth reading then recommend it, just note it's flaws in the comments section. I personally think It Can't Get Worse despite it's flaws is worth a read, but it is flawed. Same with my Ranma rec Ranma's Husband, very flawed but worth reading nonetheless, it's what these pages are there for. It has to be your call, we can't make it for you.

Willbyr: True enough...ah what the hell, I'll put it up. It's definitely better than some of the other stories in the list...

Willbyr: Question about The Open Door. Should it be moved up to be alongside Thousand Shinji and the description expanded to cover them both, rather than having it be linked in the comments?

Cast: New guy here. Just thought I'd throw in a little something from GeoCities before the day of reckoning. The Second Child / Promises To Keep is a classic completed in 2001, with a minor sidequel, The First Child / Before I Sleep, also being hosted on the website. Both are parallel povs of Instrumentality during EOE, told from the perspective of the other pilots. The story is noted for its extensive use of literary references and its clever use of Thanatos~If I cant Be Yours as a theme song, by subtly introducing some lyrics into character dialogue. I invite other editors to consider whether these are worth rescuing. I would say that they need not be, as they can both be found on However, the GeoCities account includes font formatting and includes images. These images may be distracting to some, but others may be purists who wish to know what the writer was intending to invoke.

Willbyr: Thanks for the contributions. I'd recommend that you go ahead and put the links in and note the differences in the Geocities links' content.

Nabi: There were two recommendations put up by Flaser, but later disputed by Willbyr. Since they were pretty much just complaints about the fics - not to mention there was a lack of positive comments - I deleted the two recommendations entirely.

Willbyr: Eh, I don't know that I'd go that far...just because I didn't like them doesn't mean that no one else would.
Willbyr: Can someone who's read Higher Learning change the synopsis to actually talk about the story and not be a recommendation? Also, should The Second Child/Promises to Keep be moved into the Alternate Universe fics?
Willbyr: In regards to the last edit, and a couple of trims that happened a while back...I know that this page is supposed to be dedicated to the best of the best of NGE fics as determined by we Tropers, but at the same time I don't know that it's a good idea to just delete out the fics that some of us don't like. Maybe we could put in a section called, say, "Jet Alone fics", for the failures...I dunno. What do you think?

Willbyr: I've edited the links to RETAKE to include all the parts as opposed to just one, but my question is if we should include part 1.5, which was created after the original story, appears to be a pure hentai work, and may only be of marginal importance to the overall plot, if at all (I haven't read it). Should this link be included?
  • Nevermind, I read it and wish I hadn't. So noted in comments.

Willbyr: Question regarding the authors section. Aside from Midnight Cereal and Merridian, there are several authors/tropers on the page who have multiple stories listed, but their names aren't in the specific section...seems a bit unfair to me. My suggestion is that Midnight and Merridian's specifically-mentioned stories be moved into the main list, with the Authors section being strictly for the websites listed. How does this sound to everyone else?

Watashiwa: Just letting everyone know that I'm adding Rakna's "Chosen" to the list and adding Random1377 to Recommended Authors.
  • Willbyr: After reading this, I just realized that what I did with Kadmon's fics went completely against what I'd suggested in my last edit; yay for consistency. Opinions on how to work the Authors section...anyone?
  • Watashiwa: Mm. I think recommending individual stories works better than recommending authors, but that's because I keep forgetting why all those authors scare me so badly. Might want to consider erasing the "Author" section entirely.

Willbyr: Wanted to throw these links out and see if anyone's read these stories and thinks they're good enough to merit a mention here: Matt Coates.
  • Watashiwa: It's a retelling of some of the Warhammer 40K stories with Asuka and Shinji tossed in alongside. It's okay, but nothing I'd recommend to my friends.
    • That's pretty much what I was thinking...they don't suck but they're not all that great, although I think the Tyranid story is the best of the four. Just wanted to get some other opinions.

Watashiwa: Hey, given that Evafics merged with Darkscribes, I'm taking down the link. Anyone know of other Eva fanfiction archives?