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Robert: Didn't transfer these recs, because there's no link to the fic.

Across The Stars: Virtually anything written by Lavender Brown, but especially The Johnson Weasley Story, The Book of Morgan Le Fay, and The Final Reckoning. Beware, however, that most of her fics contain mature sexual content.
Across The Stars: James_Milamber's Harry Potter and the Mind Mage, hosted on, which is currently being revamped but may, unfortunately, be a Dead Fic.

Rogue 7: Thanfiction's most of the way done with the sequel to "Dumbledore's Army", but where it is, I can't recommend it. The writing is quality, the story is fantastic, the characters are great... And he kills off everyone. Harry's most likely dead, Ginny, Ron, and Hermione most definitely are. I...can't support that. If he pulls off a revival of some of them, I'll gladly recommend it again, but...yeah, no. Later: Alright, it's still awesome. I'll go ahead and recommend it, with a warning.
Looney Toons: Snipped new rec:


because it looks like someone trying to mess with potential readers. It's a pointless gorn-fest with no plot.

Mac Phisto: Where can one request some good Bellatrix Lestrange smut?