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Bunch of Kingdom Hearts natter cut.

  • 77 possible OTPs, to be exact. And there's a fic out there for all of them.
  • You found fic of Vexen/Lexaeus? Wow, color this troper impressed.
  • I think your math is a little off. 77 is not a triangle number. 78 is, and based on the name of the organization, I'd assume it's the right one.
  • Hell, this troper's impressed that the fandom would actually pair Larxene with anybody other than a Karmic Death for having a vagina.
  • I'd say the fandom's more likely to pair her with Karmic Death soley for the psychotic bitch she is. Saix's- hell Vexen's moods- swing less than her's. Kairi (aside from being a MacGuffin) seems to cop the Karmic Death just for "girl keeping Sora and Riku apart".
  • Wait a sec...Xemnas/Roxas exists? No Just No.