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Excel-2009. Shouldn't this page be moved to the Main namespace?

rsm109: It's a fanfic, so no.

By the way, liked this review on FanFiction.Net:

"Oh God, this story-no, epic, is amazingly structured and built. One can almost sense the metaphorical phrases that may relate not only to life, but also to humanity itself.

"The reference to the headcrab officer represents the destruction and mindlessness of today's police force. The rampant misspellings give we, the gracious readers, a shock that tells us of the sad state of today's children, chastising us to improve our world. Shooting the officer in the head demonstrates the desperate measures that people do to avoid these measures.

"When John Freeman(who is, essentially, us) moves faster than the speed of sound, this is a metaphor for the ability of the human race to go beyond reality and into the imagination. For the love of the family, we are able to do anything.

"The repeated usage of 'John Freeman' throughout the epic is an metonymy of we, the people. 'His' actions, in its simple, powerful words, are our actions. John Freeman is simply the vessel in which we are represented.

"Anyone who claims that this is the worst epic ever shall be shot on sight, for this is a truly powerful essay on the plight, and wonder of humanity itself."

If it's a troper responsible, step forward and claim your Made of Win.

Excel-2009. I'm actually writing an essay like that. It's to be a lot longer than a review but right now it's not nearly as deep. I'm outlining my ideas at the WMG and I honestly believe that if the Fiction Identity Postulate were applied to this story then it would be the next movie to claim every Oscar. The point I notice most is that John Freeman turns from Mary Sue to realistically flawed anti-hero in the Time Skip. It may not be Shakespeare, but at the very least I'm sure that squirrelking is a much better storyteller than he lets on.

Diddgery: Is the fanbase (if you can even call it that) for Full-Life Consequences breaking? I'm only asking this because the last video from Icton Entertainment seems to have polarized people into thinking that it's great or that it's terrible entirely based on the 5+ minute break from the actual fan fiction. I'm getting this from YouTube comments on Gaz6231's videos, as well as from the trope page itself, particularly the entries for Adaptation Decay (how can you decay a fan fiction that is already that bad?) and Big-Lipped Alligator Moment.
  • Excel-2009. In my opinion it would have been just as good if that part of the video were saved for a tribute separate from the actual story part of the adaptation. I thought it was funny at first, then I noticed that it had been two minutes since the narration was interrupted. Then three minutes. Four minutes later I was sick of it.

DoomTay: Should we make it so that Full Life Consequences redirects to this?