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Whatever: When people add examples, could you give the name of the song or at least the band? It'd help with organization SO much.

Rasalas: Seriously. This page is a mess. Also a number of the YouTube links have died and it's pretty useless if all we're left with is "lalala".

X3: Where would a person go if they wanted to propose that something be done with this article? Since it's subjective, its a music trope, and the page is now so long it takes a good ten seconds to load fully. I was thinking of suggesting that the article be trimmed down a bit.

The One Who Tropes: I've decided to sort this page. It desperately needs it. I'm also going to delete all completely useless dead youtube links. The one's you can work out, with lyrics which you can use to find the name of the song, I'll keep and alter to find a new version of the song, like with Benny Lava.

I've also noticed that all content from UMG seems to be no longer available on youtube. So it may be that every video with content from them needs to be redone.