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Wascally Wabbit: How does Rafiki constitute a Magical Negro?
G-Mon: Okay, the main and Wild Mass Guessing entries for this movie are under the title The Lion King, but the Just Bugs Me entry is under Lion King. Anyone else think that a bit odd? Considering flipping around the Just Bugs Me redirects, but I thought I'd ask for some opinions first.
  • shadowgirl_13_chaos: Hey, I deleted two spoilers because they were pointless. The "spoiler" was two character names. That O.k?

Moonloon: I don't want to just get in and edit all this in case people disagree with me, but I suspect this whole entry of Natter:

  • Fridge Logic: Who's Nala's father, again? Lions aren't monogamous, after all. But nor are they all that choosy. And for that matter nor are some royal families.
    • Nala has green eyes. Scar has green eyes. Of course this adds a whole new level of squick if you've ever seen the Broadway musical, but Scar was going nuts at the time, and Nala turned him down anyway.
    • Those animals bowing down and celebrating Simba's birth at the beginning of the film? 90% of them are prey animals he is in theory going to be killing and eating. Shouldn't they be shouting "Down with the tyrant!" or something? (This is explained with the idea of the Circle of Life, and that Mufasa's rule, at least, is one of mutual respect, though probably not friendship.)
      • The idea of the Circle of Life not really an explanation, more like a legitimating ideology.
      • The commentary there was originally a line during the scene where Mufasa and Simba were walking and talking, one of the antelope running by would say hi and Mufasa would say "Catch you later!" and the response would be "Not if I can help it!" They cut it because it was too silly.
    • However, the Lion King 1 1/2 has an explanation of sorts for this behaviour. Pumba has a massive "gas attack", causing the animals nearest to him to pass out. The animals in front say, "Hey, those guys are bowing. We'd better bow too," and all the animals bow.
    • Why is the chorus singing in Zulu while most of the characters' names are in Swahili (and Timon, Pumbaa, and Rafiki use Swahili phrases)?
      • I don't know. It isn't like cartoon characters with English names ever sing in French.

Also, to answer Nala's Father question - which has a remarkable amount of debate and research surrounding it - this site explains that Nala's mother, Sarafina, was probably already pregnant when Mufasa took the lands over, which makes sense considering real lion interactions. Then again, pretty much any of this Fridge Logic could be written off as this being a Disney movie and realistic lion relations are decidedly family un-friendly.