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Here's Wikipedia's entry - on Song of the South film, based on Uncle Remus' tales. I remember seeing this when I was fairly young. I've heard Disney does not plan to let it out of the 'vault' - so it probably won't be seen again through any official source. I personally don't remember the accents being over the top.

:*Spoken in the smiliest voice possible* "Wah is that bluebird?"
Adam850: I fixed the wreck that was the page here, but as a US consumer, I've never seen it. It has been released in other countries, can someone who has seen it fill out the "Examples" section? Just to be clear, I didn't launch this one.
Licky Lindsay: am I old because I not only remember seeing this movie in the theater (circa 1982), but honestly didn't realize that there might be people who didn't know it?
Rissa: This British troper was read Br'er Rabbit books as a very small child (and is convinced the Splash Mountain robots are demoniacally possessed, although that's probably unrelated). Can any other tropers confirm whether these are still around, in the US or elsewhere? That Other Wiki suggests it was Enid Blyton's fault, which wouldn't surprise me (we had the Faraway Tree books too).

This (American) troper would like to say that she could still find the Br'er Rabbit books in the library as of a few years ago.

This American Troper saw "B'rer Rabbit and Other Tales" in his school library — not the Disney version, but the original collection. Granted, it was a Southern school.
Unspeakable Villain: Just out of curiousity, is this film no longer available in the UK? I think I've still got it on VHS somewhere, but now I think about it I honestly don't think I've seen it in the kids' sections at HMV.