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Sikon: For the last time, stop treating the "Jack is the Face of Boe" theory like it's canon. It's not. And therefore denying it is not an example of Dis Continuity.

Eponymous Kid: I will say this once, and only once. You do not need to use "Main/" before everything. EDIT: I'm a moron. Oops.

Micah: Moved a bunch of examples in which TV characters have their own film-related discontinuities to the film section.

I just edited 'series' to 'season' a few times in the bit on Dr Who, because it matters that you get this right with Dr Who (it's weird). Season one starred William Hartnell, Series one starred Christopher Eccleston.

triassicranger: Guys, there is already a statement about fans declaring Power Rangers ending from Dino Thunder to Mighty Morphin so unless you want to yell that it ended at a point later than Dino Thunder don't bother putting more stuff in.

Mr Death: Okay, third part of the Scrubs entry seems kinda stupid to me. If you want to ignore two of the show's most prominent characters, who've driven the plot quite a number of times, and a relationship that's spanned the entire length of the series (which, again, has driven a great deal of the plots), doesn't that pretty much mean you ignore the entire show? Couldn't you just say "Scrubs: JD never went to Sacred Heart, and Jordan and Dr. Cox are still married."

Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: Or just write a Scrubs High School A.U.. But hey, there's a place for Scrubs High School A Us, even if most of us don't want to go there.

triassicranger: Guys, what's this Seth McFarlane show that guy's referring to at near the bottom of the page? Family Guy?

Later: So it was.

triassicranger: Putting this here because it isn't Discontinuity:

  • The Fourth Doctor never stated that it is scientifically impossible for a bumblebee to fly. He is a scientist; he is super-smart; he would never perpetuate such a ridiculous, disproven myth.
    • Except that's not discontinuity; he really didn't. The Third Doctor said that according to classical areodynamics it is impossible for a bumblebee to fly. And that was his point: if you're claiming something that's clearly happening is impossible, you may want to reconsider your assumptions. In this case, the "classical model" of impossible bumblebees fails to allow for the vortex created by dynamic stall.

Caswin: Speaking of which. I'm a little confused now, and was hoping somebody could clarify for me: What did happen in Doctor Who?

triassicranger: It seems the 3rd Doctor era and The Sarah Jane Adventures are the only things that definitely happenned. The First and Second Doctors' eras exist...except for deleted episodes. The Fourth Doctor never referred to Hitler as a bounder, 5th Doctor serial "Four To Doomsday" never happenned and he did not die in Peri's lap, and everything after that doesn't appear to have hapenned.

Caswin: And Daleks don't seem to have been nearly as popular as I was led to believe. Apparently, "The Chase", "The Power of the Daleks" and "The Daleks" were just rumors.

Caswin: Scratch that, looks as if history's been righted. (Wasn't there a blue police box sitting over there a minute ago? Huh, must be seeing things.)
triassicranger: I would just like to add that when you discontinue something you're supposed to give reasons. Now as I haven't a clue why people dislike Disney-era Power Rangers (at least prior to Kalish anyway) someone mind filling that in?

Pig_catapult: The final episode to whichever season of Bones involved the cannibal dude and the silver skeleton (I fail at season numbers) never happened. [[Spoiler:Zach]] actually came down with a genre-noncompliant terminal illness/was eaten by the cannibal/was framed and/or brainwashed by Sweets. Do enough people agree with me that this can be added, or is it just a case of Personal DisContinuity?

triassicranger: Unless you've found a group of fandom that thinks the same way, put it in Troper Tales.

triassicranger: How do you know the Venjix in Power Rangers RPM is the same one encountered in Power Rangers Wild Force? Is this Fanon?