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From YKTTW Working Title: Tropes That Will Never Happen

randomfanboy: For the first time ever, I love something in the Darth Wiki. This is brilliant! This is hilarious!

Leonidas: Hilarious? This! Is! DARTH WIKI!

Houdini: Seconded. Best. Darth. Ever.

Egregious Eric: Isn't "Crowning Moment Of Crowning" just Awesome Moment of Crowning?

Troper a.k.a. lurker: "Boy Meets Robot Girl. Boy Loses Robot Girl. Boy Builds New Robot Girl From Spare Parts"

Believe it or not, but this trope happened... in my not-that-original fic. Exept it went like this: "Mad Scientist meets Robot Girl. Mad Scientist upgrades Robot Girl. Knight Templar leader of Good Guys destroys Robot Girl. Mad Scientist promptly rebuilds Robot Girl. Open ending."

(Well, Mad Scientist is asexual and gay, with platonic boyfriend, so not really "boy meets girl".)

Inkblot About "Only One Person Knows The Password And He Didn't Write It Down Anywhere": Should I delete it? It sounds like a reasonably plausable trope, and this page is not for listing reasonably plausable tropes.

Caswin: Sounds like it. If it goes through, that would make two tropes from this page that have become reality.

Darkblade: Honestly to me it just sounds like an aversion of The Password Is Always "Swordfish".

Loser Gamer Britt: ... Does anyone else think "Crowning Moment of Douchebag" is a cooler name than Moral Event Horizon, or is that just me?