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Putting Villain Protagonists and blatant Heroic Sociopaths on here kind of defeats the point. In need of some serious clean up.

Question: Peter Pan was a Villain Protagonist in early drafts of the story, and is still fairly nasty in the final version. Is he too evil to belong here?

Ronfar: No, he's not, since he's been the subject of much Disneyfication since. We should keep him on the list. (He's more Chaotic Neutral than evil, anyway.)

Great Pikmin Fan: Is anyone else unnable to see the page? The only thing I'm seeing is the alt titles and the index markup, but the entire page looks blank (the source still shows the full thing).

Killer Clowns: I am indeed suffering the same problem. Huh.

Flanker66: Also suffering the same problem. I'm surprised someone hasn't done something about it yet.

The Toon Geekette: I can't see it either, but it looks like plenty of people are still editing it, if the page history is any indication.
Daibhid C: As well as the Villain Protagonists, and Heroic Sociopaths, I was also surprised to see one for Rincewind that basically just said he was a coward who wasn't any good at his job. The phrase "Well, duh" springs irresistably to mind.
Aijiru: I can't see the page, but it seems to be a problem with its length. If you edit it, crop it a bit, and hit "preview" it shows fine. Perhaps we need to divide it? I'd do it, but I'm a newbie, I don't know how you do this...