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Alda : Someone put it back if I was overconfident, but I took the liberty to remove Achilles' Heel from the trope list ; even if Achilles is the Trope Namer, the heel thing is never mentioned in the poems themselves (it is a later legend), and I checked the trope was in due place in Greek Mythology.
Air Of Mystery: ...Odysseus was a dick.

Roland: But comparatively he was a far more conventional hero by modern standards than many of the Greek heroes.

Lale: He was a genius known for his cunning, who won the Trojan War for his side. If you're referring to the sexual Double Standard as it applies to him, he slept with Circe and Calypso under duress.

Sci Vo: Weren't those two part of the story-within-a-story? IIRC, we only have Odysseus' word for half of what happened in the Odyssey — and he was a crafty tale-spinner who was utterly dependent on the sympathy of his hosts, having washed up on shore nearby, naked and alone. Not the most trustworthy source.

Looney Toons: Snipped because it's simply wrong:

  • Wangst (Known as hubris to the ancient Greeks — Achilles after his fight with Agamemnon.)

Hubris is not the same as wangst. Hubris is overweening pride that is punished by the gods.