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Mr Etaoin Shrdlu: Shouldn't we use the hyphenated title like we use for the main Spider-Man page?

Ununnilium: Whew. Okay, couple problems.

First, those song lyrics are supposed to be on separate lines, yet they don't come out that way. Any way to fix that?

Second, and more serious, is the need to do a "Main." link to everything that isn't already in the /Comicbook/ area. Not sure what to do about this, but...

Looney Toons: Took care of the separate lines issue, and a couple of other small things.

Gus: This...
The big draw of Spider-Man is that he has problems — problems as a hero, problems as a man — and, despite weakness, despite adversity, overcomes them, because he knows he has to. Among Super Heroes, he's the regular guy trying to get by in a world of those who can crush planets between thumb and forefinger. In his best moments, Spider-Man is heroic enough that you want to be him, yet human enough that you think you could be him.

... seems to be the lead paragraph, to me. Any objections if I move it up?

Ununnilium: I don't know. It's definitely the thesis statement, but I wouldn't say put it at the very top... maybe after the first non-italicized paragraph.

Ununnilium: See, it seems kinda clunky to start off with that... I dunno, maybe it's just me.

Gus: Cool. I moved it back down. The things is, it is a perfectly good summation, too, but we do not have a lot of those around the wiki. Maybe we should.

Ununnilium: For some reason the original first paragraph was gone, so I put it back in.

And yeah, I agree. I was thinking of adding them to the other Comic Book Tropes character entries.

Guy Smiley: He wakes up years ago, except they're still in the present? Wow. I'm totally confused reading this...aren't these retcons supposed to make the comics make more sense to outsiders like me? If so, they fail. Horribly.

Ununnilium: Well, it doesn't help that that's a confusingly-written entry. Lemme fix it.

Also, I'm taking out the SPOILER WARNING, since it's useless when it's already in spoiler tags. ...and really, I'm wondering how much to spoiler it. For one thing, the storyline's stretched out over the past year, so how does the time on that work; for another, it pretty much sets up the entire universe, so if you read the Spidey books at all, you're gonna run into the effects. I'm going with what I put in the entry, but if anyone has any better ideas...

Guy Smiley: Looks pretty good, if decidedly un-neutral. Much less confusing, although one must wonder what Quesada was thinking. Isn't the possibility of characters changing over time without constant reboots the main draw of Marvel in general these days, or am I just not well-informed enough?

Ununnilium: Sorta. But basically, he really really really didn't like the marriage, and messed everything else up in order to get rid of it. (The entry doesn't even go into the confusing explanations as to how Marvel history's going to work now, nor the way that he insists that everything's basically the same while at the same time including these huge patches of changed continuity.)

Jurgan: Basically, we're now in an alternate history version of Spider-Man: What if Peter and MJ had never get married? The problem is Quesada acts as though it's a minor change that won't affect much, but it's rewritten the entire history for the last twenty years, and we have no idea how broad the changes really are. Mary Jane has had a huge impact on Spidey's life, so it's ridiculous to assume everything else would be basically the same. I'd bet some of his villains would cease to exist. And isn't it kind of creepy that Harry was in- I don't know, the land of the dead, and suddenly is alive again with no memory of the previous events? And if Harry never died, then does that mean Norman Osborn stayed in hiding all along, never coming back to get revenge on Spider-Man? Or would he have come back anyway after Harry gave up being the Green Goblin? You see how confusing this is.

It's also just a bad idea, because we already had an unmarried Spidey in Ultimate, so why not let the canonical one evolve? And isn't this about the fifth time something like this has happened?

Oh, and one more thing: Can we get the damn titles spelled right? It's "Spider-Man," with a hyphen, and a capital M. People always forget the hyphen, but it's been there since 1962.

Freezer: Depending on what One More Day/Brand New Day you're reading, it's hinted that it was practically too late by the time May got to the hospital. Her doctors were looking to pull the plug by the time Spidey starts making the rounds.

Why was the separate page for One More Day deleted? —Document N