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and there was little to no consistency in the mechanisms of the in-comic theology — God, for example, was shown as three different entities through the course of the book, as a old lady, a gold-covered fire-haired woman and a little boy.

Uberschveinen: First off, only the boy was actually God. There's no explanation for who the old lady was, so what you have here is a theory that doesn't fit with established fact. There are also no in-comic claims that the gold-fire-woman was God. Secondly, even if they were God, complaining that someone with ultimate power can make themselves look different is preposterous.

Kalle: "Not to be confused with Kim Bauer, a.k.a. The Kimberly." — Is this really necessary? I'm taking it out, it just doesn't seem funny.

Could the facts about the Neil Mac Farlane tiff be recounted, instead of the current "Gaiman is evil for wanting to be paid for merchandise based on characters he created! Mac Farlane ROOLZ!" thing?