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Kilyle: Will finish up this page when I get a chance, though that may not be for a while if I don't make time for it tonight.

Kilyle: Ah, looks like someone upgraded the page. Online? Online?? Too bad the resolution is so bad (compared to reading the real thing, I mean)... I suppose that's a calculated decision to make sure not too many people give up buying issues. Lemme see, things to add. Guess the YKTTW for "elves don't kill elves" got lost or forgotten... or nuked, despite meeting the rule of three. I'll have to resubmit it. (If it's around, simple searches don't reveal it.) And as the other thoughts I had have flown my head in the space of hunting for "elves don't kill elves," I think I'll go submit it right now. Note: It's up!
  • Lee M: The resolution in the online version initially looked bad because the pages used HTML image resizing. If you downloaded and viewed them at full size the art was perfectly clear. Anyway, once the problem was pointed out they abandoned the resizing so the images are now displayed full size.

Kilyle: Back in the second Trial, I got annoyed with Cutter's win because it got put to Rayek as "He didn't use magic - he didn't realize the rock was magic" - which therefore clearly states that he did not win the trial through wits at all. Had he had some clue about its powers to begin with, using it might have been a sign of wits (magic ban or no), but otherwise he won by luck. Although I suppose Rayek needed the test of "silence in the face of injustice" or something, I'm not discounting that. But I'm wondering (1) if we have a trope to address this quibble, and (2) if someone can point out to me in what way my conclusion might be incorrect.
Don't know who struck the character's out, but those three kids are caricatures of Coleen Dolan (A Distant Soil), Phil Foglio (Myth Adventures) and Valentino (later Mythadventures and a couple other things). All were being published by Wa RP when Siege at Blue Mountain was first published. All are still active, they just don't go through Wa RP anymore (not an uncommon thing).
Kilyle: As far as the Air Hugging being because Redlance is still hurt... I was gonna counter this with "Leetah healed him" but then, she does imply that she hasn't healed him completely. But the air hug does come at the end of the story, after several days or weeks have passed, so I really question whether this is a factor at the time. I'd have to re-read it.

Lord Incompetent: Cut this because it reads like Complaining About Shows You Don't Like:

  • Marty Stu — All the wolfriders. Literally. Every named wolfrider. They are just BETTER than anyone else. Don't you get it? Especially annoying since the Wolfies regularly get themselves into impossible corners that require chance-won allies to get them out of, but still turn up in the last two issues to get the win.
  • Butt-Monkey — The Go-Backs. An entire tribe of buttmonkeys. After their Big Damn Heroes and Red Shirt Army moments in the first quest, they turned into the tribe that can't do anything right and which can't catch a break. Ever. Their leader Kahvi suffers Character Derailment that turns her from a controlled, calm war leader into a self-centered brat with the impulse control of a two-year-old, and their big background revelation is that they're descended from outcast wolfriders. Odd that a splinter tribe living in much less hospitable conditions under constant war can wind up more than twice the size of the original.

Neenee: Removed this from the mainpage because itís really a discussion. (For what itís worth, I agree with the objection.)

  • Ye Olde Butcherede Englishe Not used in dialog, but a lot of names of characters and locations use some VERY archaic English terms (holt for grove, fell for pelt, rill for stream etc).
    • I don't think this counts. Holt and rill are pretty unremarkable words, or at least they are around here. I certainly wouldn't consider them excessively archaic, and they're not being used incorrectly, so not really an example of YOBE...
    • Name me 10 people who would recognize those words out of context and tell you what they mean (rill maybe from Kublai Khan). They are used correctly, but no one uses them anymore except in place names or proper names.
    • That's the point. ElfQuest only uses these archaic words for proper names and place names, which means that it could hardly be called Ye Olde Butcherede Englishe. Butchered English is old (or faux-old) English used out of place. Otherwise you could simply accuse all books with a character named "Featherstonehaugh" or that mention any English village founded before the 17th century.

Lavode: Removed the Lady of War entry as Kahvi hardly fits the trope, and Wendy Pini's comment has some pretty Unfortunate Implications.
Insanity Prelude: Sheesh, there really ARE loads and loads of characters. How do you make a Characters page for something like that?