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Austin: I'd have to disagree on "characters get developed". They have emotional moments, but ultimately they never learn a thing and don't really change. Huey seems to have given up on changing anyone, but I get the feeling this is just the dynamics of the show changing, not intentional character development.

Filby: FWIW, just for future reference, Wikipedia says Tom's surname is "Dubois," not "DuBois," unlike W.E.B.

Azreal: Ed the Third and Gin Rummy are definitely Sociopaths, but it's a LARGE stretch to call them heroic, in any sense of the word.
Adam850: Cut natter: This troper, who hates A Pimp Named Slickback, was proud of Tom for pointing out that A Pimp Named Slickback's methods of demeaning women were horrible, but unfortunately, I have to agree with him on that one point. Hitting a woman who's beating you up doesn't make you a bad person; it makes you someone who's rightfully defending yourself. ** This troper—who hates A Pimp Named Slickback ''and is female''—would agree. *** Sadly, the law might not. In several states self-defense is not considered a valid affirmative defense for an otherwise criminal act. The law holds that you should evade and flee.
  • Let me guess, you're French. Try telling Huey to evade & flee.
—- Anonymous: Excuse me, but can someone please edit this article so it doesn't sound like someone is spouting off their own opinion against the cartoon adaptation?
  • Second? Does anyone know how to revert to the version that was there? The rant they replaced it with is pretty pathetic and not really even true.

DracMonster: Done. (Couldn't revert it, but I redid it to a quick note about the conflict.) Someone else can expand a bit about it if they want, but keep it neutral in tone. I'm also debating whether the part of 9/11 should be rewritten. It's relating factual information, but doesn't really do it in a neutral way.

Anonymous2: "... also took a very critical stance against George W Bush and his handling of the aftermath of September 11th, something very few people in the media were willing to do." Given that that is said about many many media and entertainment people who were "courageously" criticizing George W Bush, it's obviously not factual. "Darling of the left", like all those others? Factual.

Cat22: Excised "(though Ludacris only CLAIMS to be so...he's actually from Illinois)" from No Celebrities Were Harmed. Needless editorializing... God forbid someone identify more with a place they moved to than the place they were born. Put it back if you disagree, but try asking someone who moved during adolescence what their hometown is... the answer isn't simple.

Austin: Are Ruckus and Stinkmeaner really hated characters? Scrappies and Wesleys only apply when the majority of the fanbase hates them.

toalordsothe: Short answer? Yes.