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Caswin: It's mentioned twice that the strip had no form of finale or resolution due to the author's death, but at the same time, Krazy drowns in the last strip? How does that work?

Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: The strip was surreal. Odds are, Krazy is the kind of kharacter who frequently gets into situations that would kill a kat in a more realistic strip. Think of Daffy Duck or Wile E. Koyote Coyote...

Various Things: The repeated replacement of "k" for "c" throughout this article is a bit odd. The strip didn't really do it that often apart from Krazy's name, and the use of it every time in this article gives a misleading impression of the strip. For me, the use of quotation marks around certain words is a far more notable hallmark of the comic. In fact, the final panel of one 1917 strip contains a nice little poem (which I'm considering adding to this article right now since it sums up the strip's tone so well) in which neither "crazy" nor "cat" are spelled with a K!